Sultan Suleman Khan : The Ottoman King

Sultan Suleman Khan is the 10th Ottoman emperor. He reiceived the power when his father Sultan Selim Khan died. He win many many land with the Help of his head consultant Ibrahim pasha,Rustom pasha,Mehmet Pasha etc. But his great mistake is to hang Shahjada Mustafa. It is hugely affected The Ottoman Empire. There capital was Constantinople. But it is a history now. They lost everything for their bad decision.

he was born in 6 november 1494,Turkey and died in 1566,Hungary. His spouse name was mahidevran gulbahar,gulfam hatun and haseki hurram sultan. He loves hurram sultan very much and wanted any of hurram son reign the world after his death.


Basically,he was a pious emperor. He also known  as the lawgiver. He took the suggestion of shaikhul Islam Efendi and always respect his decision. He widen the ottoman empire. Through the distribution of court patronage, Suleiman also presided over a Golden Age in Ottoman arts, witnessing immense achievement in the realms of architecture, literature, art, theology and philosophy.

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