Crops of Bangladesh

The land of Bangladesh is very fertile. Almost every types of crops are grown here like paddy,wheat,jute and many more. Agriculture is there main occupation. Almost 80 % of people here are farmer. They lead a very miserable life. Jute is called the golden fibre. They earn a lot of money to import this products.

Paddy is the principal crop of bangladesh. Aoush, Amon, Mala, Chini Atop, Gobinda Vog, Zeera are the variety of paddy. Although rice, wheat, mango and jute are the primary crops,and rice and wheat are surely main crops of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is the fourth largest rice producing country in the world.


Tea is also a good crops for bangladesh. Sylhet,Mouloibaza,Habiganj are the main tea producing district in Bangladesh. For growing tea we need a suitable atmosphere. The humidity should be decreased and a good number of rain is also needed. These district fulfilled the required quota. They include potatoes and sweet potatoes, with a combined record production of 4.5 million tons in FY 2011. Bangladesh is a agriculture favorable country.

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