Kashmir : The paradise of the Earth

Kashmir is the world best natural place. Some people believes that it is the part of heaven. It is situated in the Jammu and Kashmir pradesh in india beside the line of control. Its really touch the heart of a man. There are many people over the world are coming here and charming its beauty.

There are many crops and fruits are grown here.The Kashmirian apple and graps are worldly famous. Maximum people of this town are Muslim. Sreenagar is there capital. Moreover it is a controversal town between pakistan and India. Every side says its their own property. So,the security of this border are very strong.

The people of this city are very friendly. They help each other and they dont like any war. The natural beauty of kashmir is mind blowing. Once upon a time I goes here. I want to go there once again because the natural beauty are call me to go there.

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