Liberation war 1971 : History of Bangladesh

Bangladesh born in 1971. They fought almost 9 month and it is one of the largest time war in the history of the world. They fought against pakistan and then indipendent. Almost 30 lakhs people are dieing during the war. In 16 th December 1971 they became victorious and it is their National Victory Day.

India is really help Bangladesh. They are their best friend. When pakistani Army attacks there many people are goes to India and they sheltered the people. The Indian Army trained the Bangladeshi young people how to fight. After completed their training they come Bangladesh and fight against the pak army to take over their Rights. They fight Gerilla method.


After the long war bangladesh became free. Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the founder of  Bangladesh. After his declaration the bangalee are inspired to fight and getting free. It is their best achievement that they ever achieved. India is the first country that they grant that bangladesh is a indipendent country. So, the People of Bangladesh are respect India very much.

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