Mobile phone

Mobile phone is a very common matter now a days. Every person has a mobile phone. There are many programme like windows,symbian,java,android,ios etc and there are a lot of version including Nougat,mashmallow,kit kat etc.iphone,samsung,nokia,huawei,micromax are the leading company. It is using for call any one and took a selfie. It is cheaply too.

We can call anybody and gie them message by the help of mobile phone. It is a very common thing for young generation because they are chatting,using facebook download movie or song by the help of mobilephone. They took selfie or images and upload it on the social media.


There are also some bad manners in the mobile phone because they waste almost a huge time using the mobile phone. Its really effect their study. They did not get a good marks. So the guardian should be conscious for their child. There are some good or bad things in every matter. So,we should take the good.

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