Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is a cricket legend. He earned 100 centurys in test and one day. He is the Worlds best run taker.After the 2011 world cup he retired from cricket. He earned every prestigious prize for his country. In the world every person knows him very much. After retiring from cricket,cricket lost a golden person.

He achieved almost every record in cricket. He also earn 200 runs in an innings that is impossible in this period of time. He makes 100 almost every cricket nations. He is a very simple man. He respect the opponent thats he earned best sportsman in india in a very different period.


After retiring from cricket different political party are call him to be a politician and join their party but he did not like politics. So every offer has been rejected. He married Dr.Anjali Mehta and beome a father. He has a son Names Arjun Tendulkar. He is a successful cricketer in the history of cricket.

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