Serial : Magnificient Century

It is the 21 st century’s best drama. Basically, it is made for the ottoman empire. It has 2 part ,number one is sultan suleman and other one is sultan suleman kosem. Halith Argench,Mehmet gunsur,Nur Fattahglu,vehide perchin and Meriem Uzerli are the leading Character there. It is dubbing almost 60 Countries.It is made in Turkey.

It is followed by the golden Era of ottoman empire. In this serial we see that sultan suleman is the key role here. Actually he reign almost 46 year and 2/3 of his reigning time he fought in the field. He has 4 sons and one daughter according to this serial. But all of this character are not appropriate. There is a some laps too.


He was great a sultan. Everytime he does the proper judgement. He hanged Ibrahim Pasha,Shahjada Mostofa and Shahjada Bayazid. Actually he did the right thing because they are dis obeying his order. After his death His 3rd son selim raise in the chair

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