Television Programme : Man vs Wild

Man vs Wild is the one of the best programme in television. It is presented by Bear Grills.Basically he is an Englishman. After suspending from air forces he made a plan that touch whole the world. It is happened. His programme got the highest TV rate. He goes forest,river,mountain and maany place to shoot the scene and it is very challenging.

He leads a very simple life. He goes to many countries for his progrramme. England,Australia,US,beliz,New Zealand,Ireland,Malaysia etc are his best adventure. His progrramme is very enjoyable too. Dave pearce,Simon reay is his best friend in this series. He suggest every body to do not follow his action without experts opinion.


He eats many different foods like frog,fish,meat etc without cooking. The young generation are follows his character. The progrramme is dubbed many languages like bangla,english,tamil,hindi and many more. Discovery channel broadcast his progrramme in south asia. Now a days he become a hero and a roll model for the younger generation.

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