Ganga The river

Ganga is an international river. It is flowing between Bangladesh and India. In india it is called by Ganga and Bangladesh it is called by padma. It is a very good river. The indian are respect it very much. The Hilsha fish of the padma are very tasty. It is liked by  all over the world.


It is a big river.Fisherman catch different types of fish in this river. They Earn a lot of money in this river and maintain their family. They also carrying passenger and goods. The businessman use it because it is cheaper than road or rail cost.


Every Hindu are respect the river. Because they believe that it is a holy river. It makes 2 countrys people more closer. The farmer are use it and throw the water on their seeds. The land of the riverside are very fertile because of Poly soil. Every people are love and respect this river very much.

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