Review of Raees Movie

Raees is an excellent movie. It is casted by Shahrukh Khan and Mahira Khan. They act it in a very good way. It groces almost 250$ all over the world. The history of the movie is very good. It was released on 25 January 2017 on Republic Day weekend. Basically it is a fictional movie.

Once pakistan says that they didnot allow any indian movie. It was a great worry for the indian film director and producer because the earn a lot of money pakistan. When the movie was released,the pakistan authority are allowed to show it in pakistan. After that pakistan allows the indian movie.


The songs of this movie are excellent. The singer are do a really good job. It views more than One crore in Youtube. The scenary of this movie are too good. It is a very wise decision for the film director because they cast it over the India and Pakistan.

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