Bring them back safely to Home

Bring them back

In a voice mixed with emotion, Mahmuda Islam keya, 19, once again wants Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s intervention in tracing her father, who remains missing since 2014. They requeste to the government to Bring them back as soon as possible.

His family made a  appeal to the prime minister before the Eid in October.They are eagerly waiting for their relatives and it is too emotional.


They mentioned International Human Rights was also, keya and her mother Rozina Akter along with relatives of at least 40 victims of disappearance gathered at the Jatiya Press Club, to demand the safe return of their loved ones.


She said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, aunty, please bring my dad back.Her father Masum Hossain, a Jatiyatabadi Jubo Dal leader from Romna in the capital, went missing on December 6, 2014.


They called  the government to set up an independent investigation commission to find out the fate of their loved ones and to punish those people who involved in their enforced disappearance.


Maimuna Rahman, sister of BNP leader khademul Islam Sujon, said, “In the last three years, I made this appeal at least 25 times. He [Sujon] was picked up in front of many people. Whenever we go to law enforcers for any news, they just tell us that they are looking forward into it.


How to Bring them back quickly :

It is not a difficult task. It is hugely depend on government pleasure because nothing is impossible for the Government. They have administrative and political power. So,they can find them easily. Firstly, They should take a proper step and investigate this case and take a proper step. It is not a easy job but nothing is impossible for them.


Please bring them back as soon as possible :

At least 700 people became victims of enforced disappearance or abduction between 2010 and December 2017 in the country. At least 435 of them remain traceless. Of the rest, some returned home safely, some were later shown arrested while the bodies of some others were later found, according to Ain o Salish Kendra.


This statement  is an indirect justification of those incidents.


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