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Emuparadise is a retro gaming site that offers ROMs, ISOs, and games. It consists of a collection of gaming music, game related videos, game guides, magazines, comics, video game translations, and more. Founded in 2000 back in the early days of the Internet, Emuparadise developed into a large and encompassing download database of retro video games. Thousands of downloads and a striving fan community, it’s still going strong to this very day. From ROMs, ISOs, emulators, soundtracks, guides, and more; it ranks among the largest gaming sites. Recently I was able to get into contact with the site’s founder, MasJ and organize a casual email interview dealing with the history of Emuparadise as well as some other interesting info. So without further delay, let’s begin!

How did you get involved with the world of video game emulation?
I first came across a small webpage that said you could play Game Boy games on your PC. I was so excited! I never had a Game Boy, since it was never released in my country. (Video games only became a ‘thing’ from the PS2 onwards…) I downloaded the emulator program and a few ROMs immediately and stayed glued for hours! Then I came upon this awesome website called that had games for NES, SNES, etc.. It had almost everything! Remember, this was 1999 and with 56k, even the smallest games took at least 10 minutes to download. Plasticman unfortunately disappeared shortly thereafter and there were no other good sites out there. So I decided to start EmuParadise in March 2000.So our site gives you good quality review services in cheap price and more offers to get you in low cost with more discounts. So, do not late and quickly come here in our website and get your service in easily to your choice. Thank you lovely to visit our site.


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