About Naked Green Blast Ejuice

A blast of flavor and tart. Green Blast e liquid pairs honeydew sweetness, with the juicy tart like flavor of fresh kiwi’s, and finishes it up with naked green blast ejuice the crispness of a granny smith apple.combining the sweetness of a honeydew, the tartness of a kiwi, and the crispness of a green apple. The bottle itself keeps with the theme of simplicity by including the name of the flavor alongside basic photos of each flavor included in this e-liquid so you know exactly what you’re getting.

The result is a fruit experience unlike any you’ve ever vaped.Green Blast by Naked 100 pairs honeydew sweetness with the juicy, fresh tartness of fresh kiwi, finishing with a crispness of a granny smith apple that results in a fruit experience unlike any you’ve ever had!

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