Purpose of Romeo and Juliet Laws

The purpose of Romeo and Juliet provisions is to prevent a sexual act that occurred between individuals with a few years age difference from being considered a criminal offense. Alternatively, Romeo and Juliet provisions lessen the severity of penalties for such an offense. Romeo and Juliet provisions vary considerably. The age range allowed by a Romeo and Juliet provision is typically between two and four years. In some states, a Romeo and Juliet provision can only apply if the younger of the individuals has reached a certain age, such as 15. The state may also require the older of the individuals to be under a certain age, such as 21. the story of  Romeo and Juliet law is very beautiful.

Romeo and Juliet provisions typically do not protect an older individual accused of abusing a relationship that involves the imposition of authority over a younger person. Such a relationship exists between a teacher and his student or a coach and an athlete on his team. Romeo and Juliet provisions also typically do not apply to individuals accused of sexual acts that involve violence or threat of violence.


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