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AfricanMovies.us brings you the latest African Movies and you can watch all movies free online. Not only can you watch african movies, you can also join the ever growing community of african movie lovers from the members link. African movies are getting more popular and are now being watched all…


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African Holidays conjure up many vivid images, africa holiday jeeps, lions, zebra and elephants, tribal villages, hot days and dust, and whilst most of this is true the different countries in Africa offer a different topographical slant to each safari vacation that we organise. Game densities vary country to country…


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Kenya is placed in eastern Africa and is one of the area’s hotspots for wildlife safaris. It’s a more affordable way to its southern neighbor, Tanzania, as well as for which cause, is flooded with visitors each year that are hoping to see some African wildlife. The main wildlife reserve…


10 Best Honeymoon Destinations In Africa

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The Real Deal Vacation package to South Africa includes airfare from New York City to Cape Town, with a return flight from Johannesburg, on South African Airways; flights between Cape Town and Johannesburg; ground transportation throughout; four nights at the Protea Hotel President in Cape Town; three nights at…


Which Vaccines Are Needed For A Safari In Kenya Or Tanzania?

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Because a lot of airports are available, it is actually an convenient matter to return home once your travel in Africa has come to an end. There are magnificent views of False Bay on well-defined days in Cape Town and the Atlantic Seaboard is moreover here. The Tabletop…


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Unexplored Africa for a terrific African Safari! Experts have dubbed South Luangwa as among the biggest wildlife sanctuaries inside the globe, and not without reason. The concentration of game around the Luangwa River as well as its ox bow lagoons is amidst the most intense inside…


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The Gnu is also called the Wildebeest. Although a Gnu might be small compared to a hippo or elephant, they may nonetheless reach weights of about 600 pounds. Most of the Gnu’s you see won’t weigh that much, nevertheless they’re still truly cool to spot on a safari. A Wildebeest can reach speeds…


Kenya Slams U.S. For ‘Unfriendly’ Travel Advisory After Mall Terror

How The Nairobi Mall Attack Will Impact Kenya Tourism

Located near the equator, Kenya is a country that offers savannahs teeming with game, cultures as old as time and unchanged by the modern world. Embarking on a 5 star safari to Kenya will reveal the treasures of this storied country. A land of exquisite diversity, a…


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Travel Buddy Africa Tours and Safaris is an online travel agent that permits you the versatility to see Africa on safari We feel appreciated when we refer to you as “The Preferred African Travel Partner” From East Africa to Southern Africa, plus Northern Africa we are committed to take…

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