Know Clearly And Confirmly About Xiaomi And Others

Xiaomi launched Xiaomi Redmi Pro and Mi Notebook Air on July 27 in Beijing.The Mi Notebook Air goes without MI logo on the front side,Xiaomi enabling customers and users to customize it with whatever they love – a case or a painting or a logo.

MEIZU used to adopt MediaTek processor on its flagship smartphones, and it looks Meizu like MEIZU is going to change his strategy by replacing it with Samsung processor.

Coming to the processor and graphic chip, it is an Octa Core SoC clocked at 2.6GHz, the name shows Hisilicone HI3660 and Mali-T880. The Huawei Hisilicone HI3660 should be the new generation of Kirin processor, and it is also estimated the cores amount of Mali-T880 will be increased to 8, meaning Lenovo more GPU cores and more powerful graphic computing capability.

GIONEE marketed the previous M series smartphone using the long LeEco battery. For the brand new GIONEE M6, except long battery life, GIONEE also introduces secured chipset – a brand new  hardware.

However From the above discussion I can clearly say that All of us should choose one of the products.I can there is no other product which will give such kind of stability,long lasting and at last such processore.And if anyone look these products sincerely,i believe that he will choose these products.Best of luck guys.Take your decission sincerly.

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