Sultan Suleman Khan : The Ottoman King

Sultan Suleman Khan is the 10th Ottoman emperor. He reiceived the power when his father Sultan Selim Khan died. He win many many land with the Help of his head consultant Ibrahim pasha,Rustom pasha,Mehmet Pasha etc. But his great mistake is to hang Shahjada Mustafa. It is hugely affected The Ottoman Empire. There capital was Constantinople. But it is a […]

River of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of river. About 700 rivers including tributaries flow through the country constituting a waterway of total length around 24,140 kilometres. Padma,Meghna,Jamuna are there main river. People use this route cause river tour is cheaply. Fisherman collect the fishes in this river. Mainly they are agriculture base country. Almost 80 percent people are here are farmer. So, […]

Icc Champions Trophy 2017

Cricket is an excellent game. In this year Icc champions Trophy held in England. There are a lot of action there. Pakistan,England,Bangladesh,India play the semifinal. Pakistan beat india in the final and became a champion. The margin of victory was the largest by any team in the final of an ICC ODI tournament in terms of runs. It is a […]

world cup football 2018

Football is an exciting game across the world. It is a great game. First it is invented in English. Now a days it is very popular. The next world cup is played in russia next year. Almost 32 teams are playing there and show there power. Brazil,Germany,France,Spain,England are favourite in this tournament. Unfortunately Italy,Netherlands are missing this tournament. But some […]

Bangladesh cricket

Bangladesh is a beautiful country in south asia. There are almost 18 crore people. People are very friendly here. Recently they are raise in the cricket world. They goes to the 2017 Icc champions trophy semi final. It is a great surprise for the world. Shakib,Tamim,Mushfiq are their best player. Nazmul Hasan Papon MP is the current BCB boss and […]

Bangladesh Railway

Bangladesh is an excellent country. It is a land of oppurtunity. People use railway very mush. Recently there are added a huge change. The government import lot of compartment in india and indonesia. The people are pleased with their services. The Bangladesh Railway system has a total length of almost 3000 route km. In this time they did an outstanding […]